A simple tool

With 45 locations within the campus to enjoy unlimited internet access, Silliman University has truly come a long way in its efforts to enhance its learning facilities. It is now very convenient to learn beyond our hand-outs and books because we now have information served to us for as long as we [READ MORE]

Of Coffee, Cupcakes, and Mr. & Mrs. Bean

By Roberto Klemente R. Timonera Since it opened in June last year, the Bean Connection at Scooby’s Perdices has probably been one of the most popular tambay spots for students. Not surprising—it’s a five-minute walk from Silliman proper and its menu is light on the wallet, heavy on the [READ MORE]

The Darkness of Pablo

By Jaizer Jim R. Nadal There is an unlikely order  to things that every  devastating event seems to  adhere to. Too often have  we seen great destruction dwarfed by  restoration. Storms have the tendency  to uproot trees, adorning the streets  with branches in their wake. These  same [READ MORE]

Pinnacle of Moving On

Animal Birds John Lee D. Limbaga People! This is not about the little  thing called LOVE. It is finding the  “good” in the word goodbye. After  all the collateral damage is done on  a person there would be a time that  the mind beats for sorrowful blank  thoughts and the heart thinks [READ MORE]