Course org membership, no longer required next year

SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE ON STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS (SUSG- ComSO) said students will no longer be required to be part of their course organization next school year due to the new membership policy. According to Cecil Ann Sung, committee head of ComSO, the membership policy [READ MORE]

Sillimanian spearheads #KadaBato Initiative

SHAMAH BULANGIS, a local activist, organized an Anti-Marcos event called the #KadaBato Initiative last July 5 at the Silliman University (SU) Catacombs. The #KadaBato Initiative, headed by Bulangis, is a localized version of the nationwide non-partisan initiative called #BawatBato. This initiative [READ MORE]

International scholars attend ICOPHIL-10

SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY (SU), in partnership with Philippine Studies Association (PSA), hosted the 10th International Conference on Philippine Studies (ICOPHIL-10) last July 6-8. A total of 68 different sessions on Philippine history, literature, cultural politics, media, and many others revolved [READ MORE]

Newbies sa Silliman

The summer season has long been over, and as Silliman University opens its doors for another prosperous school year, changes have begun to take place. While the graduates move on with their lives to roam the world o’er near and far, new students enter the fray–and they’re not even in [READ MORE]

ISPEC commemorates end of Ramadan with Muslim community

The Illuminates Of The SPECTRA (ISPEC) celebrates the end of Ramadan together with the Muslim and non-Muslim students of Silliman University (SU) at the American Studies Resource Center (ASRC) at the SU main library last July 4 at 5:30 pm. ISPEC, the university’s official student LGBTQ+ [READ MORE]