Does the Intramurals have any relevance to your life? We “pause” for almost a week to value the court – one of the 5 C’s of Silliman education. For five days, the university expects us to learn outside the classroom: on the court, the track, the field. Sports have always been used as a [READ MORE]

Main campus shows decrease in inhabitants

by: Roselle Louise L. Publico A DECREASE OF inhabitants in the Silliman University main campus was recorded due to a low number of plant species, high human disturbance and few habitats, researchers say. It has been identified as the least inhabited for wildlife among the areas in the 62-hectare [READ MORE]

‘Emotions via social media spark revolution’ – Ressa

by: Samantha L. Colinco   EMOTIONS, PUMPED UP by social media, triggered crucial events such as the Arab Spring, the London riot and the Occupy Wall Street movement, said journalist Maria Ressa in a lecture last Nov. 16. “Every single dot on a [digital] map like this is a person. And every [READ MORE]