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Milestone year: A Timeline of Major LGBT Victories

There have been several milestones in the LGBT community in the last few years. From pop culture to government, from protests to legislation, from important conversation to life-changing action, here’s a list of four things that have changed in the past years: September 26, 2014 UN passes [READ MORE]

Nutrition Myths Debunked

Information regarding nutrition can be accessed easily but the problem is a lot of informations are inaccurate.With all of the hoaxes out there, here are some of the biggest nutrition myths debunked by experts. Myth #1: Dairy and milk as best source of calcium Not just dairy and milk but leafy [READ MORE]

Eddie Romero

He added flavours of passion and dedication to each and every work he had ever made and he devoured himself to the art and commerce of cinema, making him one of the masters of the film industry, a National Artist of the country and an international award-winning director. GANITO KAMI NOON, PAANO [READ MORE]