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DINGDONGs in Silliman

Compiled by Agustin Vicente G. Bas | Graphics & Layout Artist Vol. XCI No. 14 Jan. 17, 2020 In just a week, the social media world was shookt by Dingdong Dantes; his photos, his name, and everything about him. None of it happened because of his doings, but all because of the woke people in [READ MORE]

Types of ninongs/ninangs

Compiled by Agustin Bas | Graphics & Layout Artist Vol. XCI No. 13 Dec. 13, 2019 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not for those ninongs/ninangs that gave us those promises months and months ago… and forgot about it. They all have their tactics and strategies on how to avoid [READ MORE]

Types of Area 51 Raiders

Compiled by Edan Sam Pancho | News Writer Vol. XCIII No. 7 Sept, 27, 2019 The Facebook event “Storm Area 51, They can’t stop all of us” is a plan that started as a joke by people to storm Area 51, a US military base rumored to hold top-secrets last Sept. 21. This will go down as a great [READ MORE]

Top Ash Ketchum Moments

Complied by Agustin Vicente Bas | Layout Artist Vol. XCI No. 7 Sept. 13, 2019 After 20 long years, Ash Ketchum has now finally become a Pokémon Master. He has gone through a lot of hard times in this whole wide journey. With that being said, he deserves to be acknowledged. Here are some of the top [READ MORE]