Sillimanians Speak

“What do you know about Marcos’ martial law?”

There are a lot of stories about how Martial Law has affected the country and these stories brought up so many arguments. I, myself, have no idea what happened that time except for all the stories from our textbooks and research studies. But what I’m sure of is the fact that it totally [READ MORE]

“What can you say about the P1000 budget of the CHR?”

Article 17 of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines provides for the creation of the Commission on Human Rights and has provided guidelines for its existence as well. The act of congress passing P1000 only for the commission is sabotage, treasonous to an extent. How do we [READ MORE]

“How was your Hibalag Booth Festival experience?”

My whole Hibalag experience was fun and crazy, I did rock climbing for the first time and shoot targets with a gun. I got to meet new friends and got to stay up really late with my barakada, I have established an intimate bond with them over Hibalag. Reece Shen O. Regalado, BBA Management My [READ MORE]

“How did you find the 71st Miss Silliman Pageant?”

This year’s Miss Silliman Contestants are one of the most intelligent, talented, passionate, and beautiful people i’ve seen. To see them competing for one crown is beyond words and the competition’s bar is set high. For me, no matter who would’ve or should’ve won, it would have been [READ MORE]