Job ready

JOB-READY. Senior students from the College of Mass Communication and College of Arts and Sciences attend the Basic Job Entry Skills Seminar last Feb. 29 to better prepare them for work after graduation. The morning session was conducted in AVT 1, while the afternoon was at the Pep Room 2. PHOTO [READ MORE]


EQUALITY. Various women from all walks of life perform in the V-Monologues, a presentation of monologues from personal experiences of other women around the world concerning the vagina. The event was held last Feb. 14 at Luce Auditorium. PHOTO BY John Rey Villareal [READ MORE]


TRIPLE WIN. The song “Sa Pagdilat” by Jordan Rosales and Raina Baldado wins this year’s Valentines Songwriting Competition 2016 and garnered the most awards they won, this includes Grand Champion, Best Arranger and Best interpreter last Feb. 12 at the Luce Auditorium. PHOTO BY Babe Jocelie [READ MORE]


TREASURE HUNT. Various SU organizations participate in the “Treasure Hunt” event organized by the fraternity-sorority groups in celebration of the Frat-Sor week last Feb. 10 at the Amphitheater. PHOTO BY Babe Jocelie Isaga [READ MORE]


VALENTINES AFTERMATH. VDay Dumaguete and Edilberto and Edith Tiempo Creative Writing Center celebrates VDay through VPoetry and VPechaKucha last February 15 at the Luce Auditorium Frontage. PHOTO BY Santia Onnycha [READ MORE]