Wanderlust in South Korea

by Roberto Klemente R. Timonera Chilling at Scooby’s, Portal West one day, you might have seen that little morena with short black hair and sprite-like features, poring over some newspapers and wearing her signature accessory: an ID cord wrapped around her wrist. She may look all young and [READ MORE]

Reminiscing Moments with Ma’am Virgie

By Royanni Miel M. Hontucan The tenuous angel of death shook hands with Ma’am Virgie as her life’s clock came to a stop last Jan. 23, 2013. The compassionate mother by the blessed name of Mrs. Virginia Montebon to Silliman University would not be diminished by the absence of her physical [READ MORE]

A Barricade of Song

by Jaizer Jim R. Nadal Quite an incongruence, the genre of film labelled as “the musical”. One could not simply discern if these are movies in the guise of a music video or Broadway masquerading as blockbusters. Either way, the commercial appeal is undeniable; be it is a Disney movie in which [READ MORE]

The Darkness of Pablo

By Jaizer Jim R. Nadal There is an unlikely order  to things that every  devastating event seems to  adhere to. Too often have  we seen great destruction dwarfed by  restoration. Storms have the tendency  to uproot trees, adorning the streets  with branches in their wake. These  same [READ MORE]

From All Over The World

by Royanni Miel M. Hontucan       Silliman University is socially acclaimed for giving the best accommodation to international students. That goes with the fact that its population as of this year is over 300. We are indeed lucky to have given the opportunity to embrace such democracy being [READ MORE]