Tattletaling Hearts

By Royanni Miel M. Hontucan The overwhelming intervention of the strangest emotion in the typical lives of people would open up telltale “once upon a times” and this is where “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, too, comes into play. Thus, the dialogue of the hearts shall be heard. [READ MORE]


  by Jaizer Jim R. Nadal It’s nearing Valentine’s Day and there’s a flutter of arrows a p p r o a c h i n g . Already you can hear the boys and girls texting their hearts away. ‘Tis the season to be lovely, I suppose. Everyone wishes for a romance that’s as naive and everlasting as [READ MORE]

sa yosi mu pakpak

By Christal Javier Winston. Hope. Do these two words ring a bell? Ui, aminin! (Admit it). Don’t worry. We’re not here to point fingers; we’re here to face the truth. And what better way to face it than by singing and dancing our way through? Don’t believe me? Well, maybe you’re not from [READ MORE]

Wanderlust in South Korea

by Roberto Klemente R. Timonera Chilling at Scooby’s, Portal West one day, you might have seen that little morena with short black hair and sprite-like features, poring over some newspapers and wearing her signature accessory: an ID cord wrapped around her wrist. She may look all young and [READ MORE]