Are We in Good Hands?

The setup of online distance learning has created numerous barriers that changed the landscape of collegiate experience. Despite the challenges, the student representatives convened and decided to push for a virtual SUSG election through Silliman University’s online distance learning platform – [READ MORE]

Silliman’s Iconic Food

By Diamay Klem D. Balacuit | April 14, 2021 A year of online learning has surely led us to miss our campus. We miss the classrooms, our favorite tambayans, and the food that gave us comfort during those unbearable days of classes. As we continue facing this pandemic and wait for the right time to [READ MORE]

Eating Green in Dumaguete: The Green Chef

By Junelie Anthony Velonta | April 13, 2021 Eating green limits one’s go-to dining places. Not all restaurants have options that cater to a plant-based diet, and some even have misconceptions about it. From fresh “vegetable” lumpia actually containing ground pork to the only purely vegetarian [READ MORE]

Bee Venom: A Natural Therapeutic?

By John Macklien Olandag | April 7, 2021 The word “venom” is intimidating. A single mention of it alone can be a big reason for people to draw away from the word itself along with its associated ideas of danger. Venom is a colorless liquid secreted from some animals upon biting or stinging into [READ MORE]

The Woman of the University

By Angel Lea Regalado and Franciss Nikole Elli | April 4, 2021 The university is home to numerous women leaders who work in diligent silence. The university president, Dr. Betty C. McCann, is no exception. In an interview, we were granted an exclusive narrative from the president herself on what it [READ MORE]