The Blood-Red Lunar Eclipse Mythology

by Junelie Anthony Velonta | Feature Writer   Colors reflect multiple things in different cultures. There are, however, certain trends that transcend cultural barriers. Gold denotes wealth and royalty. Red represents leadership, courage, and even love. However, when these colors do not occur [READ MORE]

Student Solutions

by Jameela Mendoza | Feature Writer   “There’s an app for that” became a trademarked slogan of Apple in 2010, a year after the company released an advertisement using the slogan to show that there really is an app for almost anything. Years later, this slogan continues to be true as new [READ MORE]

Living by meditating

by Jameela Mendoza | Feature Writer   Soccer coach Ekapol Chanthawong never intended to lead his team of 11 to 16-year-olds in a cave roughly four kilometers away from light; away from where their cries for help could be heard. The discovery of their whereabouts by two divers was thought to be [READ MORE]

Tandaan mo kung sino ka

by Junelie Anthony Velonta | Feature Writer “Strive to live, strive to fight, but in the moment of certain death do not be afraid to be selfless.” -Major Manuel Bernal, Angelito What does it really mean to be a hero in this generation? In today’s context where there’s only a thin line [READ MORE]

Familiar Sounds

by Jameela I. Mendoza | Feature Writer   The words “music therapy” sounds like your go-to playlist after a stressful day at school. Music therapy sounds like the song you wrote when your heart got broken. Music therapy sounds like Mozart or lo-fi hip-hop beats to help you focus on [READ MORE]