Foul Mentality

By Deogracia William A. Bemida | Feature Writer Vol. XCI No. 7 Sept. 13, 2019 Have you uttered discouraging words to someone smarter than you out of envy? How did it feel on your part? Did it boost your morale? If yes, congratulations! You ruined someone’s confidence and slimmed the chance [READ MORE]

The Infamous Flash

By Maria Fiona A. Labucuas | Feature Writer Vol. XCI No. 7 Sept. 13, 2019 They say that blessings are things given to you without you asking for it. I’m pretty sure that an unsolicited picture of the male genitalia does not count as a blessing though. Communication is made easier by technology [READ MORE]

Their Bakwit story

By Diamay Klem D. Balacuit | Feature Writer Vol. XCI No. 6 Sept. 6, 2019 Lumads — the people rich in culture and tradition yet living in terror. Lumad is a Cebuano term for indigenous people. They are a group of people that comprises 14 to 17 million of the Filipino population. Most of them [READ MORE]

Warrior, Artist, Scholar

By Junelie Anthony Velonta | Feature Writer Vol. XCI No. 5 Aug. 28, 2019 The subtleties of a painting are found in the brushwork. Each stroke, on its own, reflects the skill of the painter’s hand, serving as an extension of the painter’s thoughts and emotions. With knowledge, both fresh and [READ MORE]