Vital Reasons to join SU Intramurals Next Year

Silliman University Intramurals 2017 has passed. It may be just for a week but it requires ample time and commitment because it is a highly regarded event by the Silliman community. As one of Silliman education’s 5Cs of learning, the athletic court plays an important part in every [READ MORE]

Describe your Intramurals Experience

I can say intrams is the best time to flirt with other colleges-strengthening friendship. But flirting seems like an alright word to use. Because unlike Founders, you compete and laugh with different colleges. -Justin Pena (BBA MGT- III) It’s kinda 50/50 because even if I have been in Silliman [READ MORE]

Intrams Fling

The time of year has come when athletes in their jerseys flood the courts of Silliman University and people walk in and out of campus to watch and cheer for their favorite teams. The courts of Silliman are not only a haven for athletes, but also for seeing the handsome guys and pretty women playing [READ MORE]