‘One man’s food is another man’s pet’

By Jeck Tirambulo | Features Editor Vol. XCI No. 17 Feb. 21, 2020 Everybody loves to eat. Food is, after all, the bread and butter for survival. Since the pre-modern ages, food has evolved in response to people’s preferences and availability of resources. From eating it raw to cooking it with [READ MORE]

Galápagosization Syndrome and the Future of Anime

By Momoka Yamamoto | Feature Writer Vol. XCI No. 17 Feb. 21, 2020 Japanese anime is undeniably popular in the world. Although a lot of factors are attributing to its fast-growing popularity, there are at least four main reasons why an increasing number of people have become a fan of it. First is [READ MORE]

WHAT IF: Bacteria that leap through time

By Jean Salgados | Editor-in-chief Feb. 14, 2020 A Reddit thread in a group called “Shower Thoughts” has a post that says: Due to the evolution of bacteria with respect to your body’s natural defense mechanisms, traveling forward in time could kill you, and traveling back in time could kill [READ MORE]

Petals in the Wind

By Nathan Angelo Cruz | Web Manager Vol. XCI No. 16 Jan. 24, 2020 There are many ways to describe the Yuko Takahashi Dance Company and Silliman University Dance Company production, “Sakura.” Yet, conventional is not one of them, as the very thought of such has long since been thrown out the [READ MORE]

Life is hard but it’s harder for a Filipino farmer

By Jeck Tirambulo | Feature Editor Vol. XCI No. 16 Jan. 24, 202 In the past days, most of us might have seen the photo of a poor old farmer who died while he was working on his corn plants. The heartbreaking image which circulated in multiple media platforms shows just how vulnerable the Filipino [READ MORE]