71st Miss Silliman: Battle of Beauty, Brains, and Passion

On the 71st year of the prestigious beauty pageant Miss Silliman, the advocacies of the candidates are not merely added factors to gain the crown. The candidates must have taken initial actions of their advocacies before the coronation night on Aug. 25th. This is proof that this competition is not [READ MORE]

Patay na si Hesus: A movie review

Hilarious, offbeat, and amusing are some of the words that can easily describe Patay na si Hesus. The film mixes dark comedy and drama perfectly into a tense, laugh-out-loud, and in-your-face experience. Directed by Victor Villanueva and written by Fatrick Tabada, this Cebuano comedy will tug at [READ MORE]

Kyle Juliano: Living his dream

Kyle Juliano is slowly going up the ladder to becoming the next big star in the Philippine music industry. This Sillimanian used to only watch his singing idols perform on TV, but last Sunday, July 30, Kyle performed his song “Malapit Pa Rin” in a duet with TV actor Piolo Pascual on ABS-CBN’s [READ MORE]

“What If I Told You?”

All around the world, bodies are sold. All for the pleasure of someone bold. They take something they do not deserve. They still have the nerve to fill your head with lies and deceit. It’s no easy feat to wake up every day and know you’re chained this way, forced to stay without an escape. [READ MORE]

Love Need Not See

In the past few years, Filipino movies have been continuously improving. From the movies “Die Beautiful,” “Seklusyon,” “Ang Babae sa Septik Tank” and more, we can see that slowly, there has been progress in how our movies are produced. Recently, the movie “Kita-Kita” made a buzz [READ MORE]