Toolkit to Survive Finals Week

By Deogracia William Bemida | Feature Writer Vol. XCI No. 8 Oct. 4, 2019 Brace yourselves, for the week-long final exams period is fast approaching. Others might view this period as hell. For some students, studying the night before exams are normal, but there are hardworking individuals who have [READ MORE]

It’s ASF, not HSF

By Jeck G. Tirambulo | Features Editor Vol. XCI No. 8 Oct. 4, 2019 Just like how the public once feared the spread of HIV/AIDS through consumption of contaminated fish, misconceptions have surfaced again. This time, it’s about the African Swine Fever (ASF). Several consumers have raised their [READ MORE]

Revisiting the roots of Filipino youth activism

By Junelie Anthony Velonta | Feature Writer Vol. XCI No. 8 Oct. 4, 2019 When the masses are quiet, it often means one of two things: the more positive is that the people are content, at peace, and that the conversations they have are harmonious with their comfortable lives. However, the second case [READ MORE]

The Anti-Coal Kid

By Maria Fiona Labucuas | Feature Writer Vol. XCI No. 8 Oct. 4, 2019 In person, she’s small. Despite that, it was hard to miss her during the Dumaguete Climate Strike (and no, it wasn’t because of her cute seashell earrings). Maria Jaya Ariola led students from all over Dumaguete to call for [READ MORE]

The Age of Digital Warriors

By Deogracia Bemida | Feature Writer Vol. XCIII No. 7 Sept. 27, 2019 A particular situation in social media can become complex when toxic netizens launch their destructive and opinionated narratives. Such people will strike a series of contextual bashing the moment they notice something [READ MORE]