Ikaw, Ako, Tayo

Sa panahon natin ngayon kung kailan walang tigil ang pagdanak ng dugo ng kapwa inosente at mga kriminal, masusumbat pa ba nating nang buong kasiyahan ang salitang kapayapaan? Lingid sa kaalaman ng karamihan, ang buwan ng Setyembre ay tinaguriang National Peace Consciousness Month o Proclamation No. [READ MORE]

Up Close and Personal with Daryl Robinson

Most people know him as a basketball player and the governor of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). But there is more to him than just being a regular Sillimanian. Let’s find out. Early Life Born on August 28, 1975 and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Daryl Robinson was the youngest of three [READ MORE]

The Lab Life that Loves You Back

Sure, you know about doctors, nurses, and other members of our healthcare force. You recognize the vital roles they play in preserving our lives. Despite this, the underlying misconception and under-appreciation  of the nature of their work   remains prevalent. For one, medical technology is [READ MORE]

A 12-year-old’s Cause

After seeing plastics floating in the seas of Bohol during a low tide, Miguel Teves, 12 years old, challenged himself to do something about it. For a kid who loves swimming, it pains Miguel seeing the seas and the oceans become polluted and inhabitable. Unlike other kids his age, Miguel does not [READ MORE]

A Testament to Taylor Swift’s Global Impact

At some point, you found yourself singing or dancing along to one of Taylor Swift’s latest tunes. One of the biggest pop stars today, Taylor Swift makes music that receives phenomenal radio play. With a myriad of her other supplementary music videos on YouTube, it’s hard to miss her relatable [READ MORE]