Faith & Judging

Reformed Gadfly Gilbert Augustin Ganir Last Thursday, Mme. Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno addressed the Silliman community at the Luce Auditorium for an academic convocation. Somewhere along her speech, I was reminded of what Carnegie from the film The Book of Eli said: “It’s not a book! [READ MORE]

Celebrate Love

It’s Valentine’s day, which provides many Sillimanians with a much-needed distraction from the stress and worries brought about by the midterm exams. Some may roll their eyes at the very idea of Valentine’s Day and say it’s just a silly excuse to spend money. True, Valentine’s Day does [READ MORE]

Harkening Snag

Pursuit of Hamsterdam Kimberly Limpahan People just have this problem with listening. I mean, we tend to ignore things we hear and so sometimes, we end up messing up. I must admit, I too, have this kind of problem – we all have this problem. This is such a troublesome attitude that we usually [READ MORE]