Wants Cookies Justine Alexis Nierras Only half the semester is over, and everyone is drained of blood and sweat in my department. We’d very much like to sleep through the week ahead, but that won’t get us anything other than a bunch of crappy midterm exam scores, so I guess it’s best to toil [READ MORE]


The rise of technology is present all around us. We buy products online, we communicate via electronic devices, and we are dependent on technology for our daily needs. Technology has become, much like eating and drinking, a part of our daily life. It’s only natural that we utilize it for matters [READ MORE]

Pinnacle of Moving On

Animal Birds John Lee D. Limbaga People! This is not about the little  thing called LOVE. It is finding the  “good” in the word goodbye. After  all the collateral damage is done on  a person there would be a time that  the mind beats for sorrowful blank  thoughts and the heart thinks [READ MORE]

Danger of the Unexamined

Kelvin Wu Friend, before you – whoever  you are and whatever it  is that you might believe  in – proceed in reading,  I would like to express to you my  deepest gratitude in finding me in my  words [what does this mean? gratitude  for what?]. I thank you for making the  painstaking [READ MORE]

An End of a World

Greyer Pastures Joshua Ryan S. Salaveria Two thousand thirteen is here and as what most social network posts and text messages would say, “It’s another 365-day chapter of one’s life.” But before we go on and start living the new year, let’s stop for a moment to look back at the year that [READ MORE]