Cisgender people—those whose gender identity corresponds to their birth sex— rarely think twice about going to the comfort room. For transgender people, there is not much “comfort” in comfort rooms (CRs) when public CRs can be a place where their gender identities are questioned, or worse, [READ MORE]


The Hibalag season is upon us once again. Like in all Founders Day celebrations, we will see the same familiar faces, attend the usual enticing activities and smother ourselves with good food and good camaraderie. But then we need to deal with the elephant in the room: How will the zero waste [READ MORE]

Voicing Out

the Weekly Sillimanian remains to be the outlet of information for students in campus standing strong and unflinching since its founding in 1903. As an outlet towards progressive campus press, tWS urges student leaders, organizations, and any members of the Silliman community to voice out their [READ MORE]

Lame Excuse

The Student’s Rights and Welfare (STRAW) committee warned the students to remain watchful for sexual perpetrators lurking outside the campus. Last Feb. 16, the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) published a news regarding the presence of an “exhibitionist” near the exterior vicinities of Silliman [READ MORE]

Break The Wall

History has been a witness to the effects of self-interest in the society. Key events in history were products of purely self-interest. From the assassination of Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna up to the controversies surrounding politicians today, all are products of self-interest. In public [READ MORE]