We Failed As Humans

Vol. XCI No. 16 Jan. 31, 2020 Across human history, it is in the contention that we, as a species, have failed in many of our exploits and adventures. Yes, we have come far in our pursuit of advancement, but is there more to this feeling of failure than the acute feelings of emptiness and despair? [READ MORE]

Different Increase

Vol. XCI No. 15 Jan. 24, 2020 Taal Volcano begins to build up for a powerful return, according to the latest PHIVOLCS advisory, maintaining volcano alert level 4, a week and a few days after the first sign of activity.  Perhaps the most striking part of the past few days is the meteoric rise of [READ MORE]

Whenever, wherever

Vol. XCI No. 14 Jan. 17, 2020 Despite no human deaths, the situation brought about by the incoming eruption of Taal Volcano in Batangas offers a harrowing perspective into the massive humanitarian efforts needed to reel from this crisis.  The surrounding areas have come into contact with the ash [READ MORE]

Stingy. Generous. Prodigal

Vol. XCI No. 13 Dec. 13, 2019 The fortunate give unto others help and resources, that the less fortunate may use it to improve their lives. A person born of privilege may prefer to keep things to themselves, opting to wash clean of the responsibility of alleviating the hardships faced by their poor [READ MORE]

Wrinkled Support

Vol. XCI No. 11 Dec. 6, 2019 According to the human history, the ancient Olympic Games began in the year 776 BC; and from 776 BC, the Games were held in Olympia every four years for almost 12 centuries. After a couple of centuries, the first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. [READ MORE]