Editor Column

Keep Calm and Carry On

  THE “FIVE-DAY Week Scheme” is one of the most drastic changes in the university’s class schedule format. Mondays are reserved for related-learning activities and regular classes are to be held from Tuesdays to Fridays in this new system. While this has long been a topic of discussion [READ MORE]


Practice makes character. What one habitually does becomes the definition of one’s character. Starting this week, green and blue posters have taken their places in bulletin boards as the university’s two opposing parties try to win the student body’s attention, trust and vote. Silliman [READ MORE]

Celebrate Love

It’s Valentine’s day, which provides many Sillimanians with a much-needed distraction from the stress and worries brought about by the midterm exams. Some may roll their eyes at the very idea of Valentine’s Day and say it’s just a silly excuse to spend money. True, Valentine’s Day does [READ MORE]


The rise of technology is present all around us. We buy products online, we communicate via electronic devices, and we are dependent on technology for our daily needs. Technology has become, much like eating and drinking, a part of our daily life. It’s only natural that we utilize it for matters [READ MORE]