Editor Column

Long live, tWS

As editors and writers for a weekly campus press, we are prompted with two options: to sleep or to write and edit. We choose (and practice) the latter and we have published weekly without fail. And now this is our 25th and last issue. We never chose the first option because if we did, it would not [READ MORE]


We would like to believe that the conversion of aircon fee to flat rate is beneficial to a greater student populace. But, we don’t think the uniform and fixed aircon fee is fair and just for all students. Effective next school year, all college students will pay the same amount of aircon fee, [READ MORE]

Our Kinda Love

Just like any other romantic relationship, love needs to be substantiated. There is a prime necessity for sturdy loyalty and open communication for trust and relationship to flourish. In Silliman, the university and the students are the major couple. In the words of Vice President for Finance and [READ MORE]


The revocation of Rappler’s license to do business is a clear curtailment of press freedom. At the same time, it is a crackdown that instigated fear in the hearts of mass media organizations. We acknowledge the validity of Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision to revoke [READ MORE]

Tuition Hike

The strike that occurred last year raised our awareness on many facets of Silliman University (SU). While the Silliman University Faculty Association (SUFA) legally fought for what was rightful and just, students noticed a lot of disparity between what they paid for and what they received. This has [READ MORE]