Editor Column


Do Senior High students have more potential than college students? Senior High School (SHS) has proven once again that they are a force to be reckoned with in Silliman University. SHS dominated the recent university intramurals, grabbing nine gold trophies and the overall championship plum. On [READ MORE]


It came as a surprise for many Filipinos when Miss Colombia and not Miss Philippines Rachel Peters was called for the final spot in the top five in the Ms. Universe pageant last Sunday. Many believed that Peters had the confidence, body, looks, brains and walk of a Miss Universe. But, is it [READ MORE]


What are the contributions of Intramurals to your life in Silliman? Every year, students take a one-week break to give importance to one of Silliman’s C—the court. For at least six days, the university wants us to learn outside the classrooms: on the court, the track, the field. Sports have [READ MORE]

Follow the policy

It is no longer a surprise that despite of the existing university policy, some student councils still use enrolment to force students to take part in the student council undertakings. Unfortunately, student council fees and fines have been used by various colleges in the university to hamper [READ MORE]


Every day, we receive so many calls that test our faith and character. We answer the calls that matter to us, while reject those that don’t. Have you, in your existence, ever received a call to help humanity? Did you respond to the call? Four months ago, our brothers and sisters in Marawi City [READ MORE]