Editor Column


Every day, we receive so many calls that test our faith and character. We answer the calls that matter to us, while reject those that don’t. Have you, in your existence, ever received a call to help humanity? Did you respond to the call? Four months ago, our brothers and sisters in Marawi City [READ MORE]

Remembering Martial Law

CENSORSHIP. MARTIAL LAW. UNFREEDOM. MARTIAL LAW. PRESS MONOPOLY. MARTIAL LAW. 45 years ago, the tyrant Mr. Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law. It was the start of concentration of truth. Let us remember the Press and the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) during the early years of Martial Law. The Weekly [READ MORE]

Negligence of Duty

What the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Committee on Impeachment has committed was an obvious negligence of duty. Last Sep. 8, the committee called for a supposed impeachment trial against nursing representative Ara Francine Tam, who allegedly committed three consecutive unexcused [READ MORE]

Thriving Voices

When Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency, many Filipinos, especially from the poor sector, had high hopes of poverty alleviation as soon as President “Digong” took office. Arguably the most popular president, Digong has uttered sweet words and bold promises during his campaign. The new [READ MORE]

Editor’s Note

Hello there, fellow Sillimanians! First, we would like to greet our dear old Silliman on its 116th Founders Day Celebration. This celebration is not just for the people who worked harder than anyone to make Silliman what it is today, but for us, the living Sillimanians, who continue to carry the [READ MORE]