Editor Column

Subtle Manipulation?

Last Aug. 9, the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS), together with the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG), was invited to attend the University Leadership Council meeting. University Leadership Council or ULC represents all academic and administrative units of Silliman University and comprises the [READ MORE]

An Acceptable Reason

The Vice President for Finance and Administration, Atty. Fe Marie Tagle, has taken action to address issues in the university concerning money and finances. She wrote a letter to the president of Silliman University Student Government(SUSG), Allison Ladero, asking the latter “for a proposal on [READ MORE]

Breaking Tradition

For many years Cheer Dance competition has been a staple in the Silliman University Founders Day. The thrilling event takes place nearing the end of the usual 11-day celebration after the Miss Silliman pageant, Silliman Idol, Mr. Hibalag and Parada Sillimaniana and other Hibalag events. However, [READ MORE]

All for Silliman

The dispute between the faculty union and the administration is finally resolved and now, education in Silliman University goes back to how it should be. That labor strike by the faculty union marks two historical events: first, it was the longest negotiation of the union and the administration [READ MORE]

Trust Issue

The increase of air-condition fees this semester was a shocker. It has increased to more than 100 percent. But, the administration failed to even release a notice or an explanation why. Disappointing. According to Atty. Fe Marie Tagle, vice-president for finance and administration, there is [READ MORE]