A Conversation with the Confused Mind

by Mhel Jane U. Catacutan | Business Manager   “It really feels good when you love what you’re doing,” I heard a girl say beside me one time. “Like this course really is my passion and I’m not thinking of going anywhere,” she added. I am currently a freshman in Accountancy. I [READ MORE]

Claiming the Filipino Action Movie Identity

by Junelie Anthony Velonta | News Writer   The Filipino action genre has no concrete identity. From the limitless barrage of explosive ordnance to the infinite number of bullet fodder dying endlessly, Filipino action movies have had nothing to offer but clones of the outdated “macho” [READ MORE]

Understand your Neighbor

by Victor P. Kakule, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, IV   Some of us have experienced being around a person who used to be very active and suddenly lost interest in things that they used to enjoy. That is one of the symptoms of depression. Depression isn’t just about feeling [READ MORE]


by Miles Therese Granada | Circulation Manager    Way back 5 years ago, I made a decision to come here in Dumaguete for me to pursue my college degree. Born and raised Ilongga, travelling through land from the Occidental hoping and wishing that in this tranquil city of the Oriental, I could [READ MORE]

On Mushin

by Junelie Anthony Velonta | Feature Writer   I’ve only glimpsed upon mushin twice in my life – when I first performed a submission lock against a resisting opponent, and when I got my first clean hit in weapons sparring. It was a fleeting feeling. During those brief windows, I [READ MORE]