On Orwell and the Orwellian

By Junelie Anthony Velonta It is often said that Orwell has remained relevant despite his death many decades ago. His legacy lives on with the Orwellian. The word Orwellian is most famously associated with radical authoritarianism, extreme surveillance measures and rampant suppression of freedoms. [READ MORE]

Rainbows and wigs

By Carlee Cherokeeh T. Calingacion No star shined brighter than Maningning on the night of August 25 as she won the first “Pahugyaw: A Drag Show.” The event, which was hosted by Illuminates of the Spectra, was held at the Hibalag Booth area and was attended by Sillimanians and those who came by [READ MORE]

Life as a Commuter

By Chrisse Martha B. Gillesania | NEWS WRITER   Anyone who has been to Silliman would understand why the noontime rush is a bother. At the end of my 11:30 class, I would make it a point to avoid the Hibbard Ave. (the road between Katipunan Hall and SU Junior High School) due to the appalling [READ MORE]

When Worlds Apart

By Chunchunmaru and the Goat; Hervey Angelo F. Avenido | Cartoonist   Imagine living everyday life without the person you are attached to by your side, imagine seeing that very chair that you are used to sit on, empty, as you pass by the Hibbard benches. Imagine how it feels to sit on that [READ MORE]

Speak Up and Speak Out

by Nathan Angelo B. Cruz | NEWS WRITER   Feminism is making great strides nowadays, and I think it’s a very heartwarming development to witness. A key development that was all the talk late last year was the #MeToo movements. Soon more and more women, especially those who have been [READ MORE]