By WInona Jane Agir | April 6, 2021 The Korean Wave (Hallyu) has become so popular that it caught not only the attention of generation Z and the millennials, but including some of generation X and baby boomers. Surprisingly, it has grown massively in the international scene that it [READ MORE]

[OPINION] Mullings and Musings on Academic Reform

By Earl Guen Quiñones Padayao | March 28, 2021 As someone who has exposure to universities in the Philippines and the United States — I can say one thing for sure: The academe should humanize. This is the reform we need. Humanizing the academe By humanizing, I mean to make [READ MORE]

[OPINION] Women of Today

By Novah Jane Dahili | March 18, 2021 To be braver in conquering the world, that is how I see women of today. Women are a representation of strength and power. For the past decades, women are viewed less in society. Today, they are now rocking the world. The abilities and capabilities of every [READ MORE]

[OPINION] Cancel “CCC: Cringe Cancel Culture”

By Lyan Wilton Aguilar | March 11, 2021 Ever since the dawn of the internet, people are getting high exposure to the world, including social issues invoking people to have their say of the matters. In my opinion, that is a positive thing because it helps us gradually fix any problem by focusing our [READ MORE]