[OPINION] Cure the Infected Dream

By Agustin Vicente Bas | Creative Steals Vol. XCI No. 18 Mar. 6, 2020 “To finish college.” That’s every single college student’s dream. May it be with flying colors, or for some, no colors at all, the dream stays the same. Students have fought, struggled, and survived long [READ MORE]

The Mean One

By Jeck Tirambulo | Ex-Batallones Vol. XCI No. 17 Feb. 21, 2020 They used to say that everyone’s first victory was winning the swimming contest to the ovary. Although hearing it calls for an immediate celebration to my part as I rarely excel at anything, sometimes in the most melancholic [READ MORE]

Art belongs to whom?

By Junelie Anthony Velonta | Buta’ng Amang Vol. XCI No. 17 Feb. 21, 2020 In this modern world, where both knowledge and culture are free to circulate the globe—circumventing barriers both physical and constructed—the word “art” is engraved into many things. While there is no governing [READ MORE]

Jack of All Trades

By Adrian S. Limbaga | Tiktok Lord Vol. XCI No. 16 Jan. 31, 2020 Growing up, a lot of us aspire to be doctors, lawyers, pilots, etc. very generic yet prominent professions. By the time we’ve reached 10 or 11, we realize that the world is full of careers that don’t exactly fall under those [READ MORE]

Thinking Straight

By Kevin Q. Alaban | Big Baybe Vol. XCI No. 16 Jan. 31, 2020 It is once again midterms week. For some, it is just a normal week. However, for most, it is the hell week of the semester where all the exam hovers and exhaust their every energy in studying exams and finishing last-minute requirements. [READ MORE]