Friends of shark, friends of people

There’s more to the sea than the endless stretch of blue water. This vast, global ocean pulses around our world, driving the natural forces which maintain life on our planet. And beneath the waves, the ocean is pulsing with life. In fact, the ocean is made up with 80% of all the life on [READ MORE]

The Problem with “Beauty” Pageants

I grew up in a family where there were more women than men. I could remember the times that my great grandmother would stay up late to tune-in to beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss Earth, among several others, both local and international. I watched several of these shows, especially if there [READ MORE]

Concealed cracks in the glass castle

People of authority carry an air of responsibility that demands respect from individuals on the lower hierarchy. In this institution, no doubt, students fall under the heavy palms of the instructors’ guidance.  More often than not, students will do anything to maintain their grades. Not [READ MORE]

Oh! The hypocrisy of it all

Just when he couldn’t get much worse, I remember reading an article a few months ago that the famed boxer/Philippine senator spoke out against a still pending, anti-discrimination legislative proposal which is slated to protect the rights of transgender individuals. I just wanted to bring this [READ MORE]

Sillimanians Speak

“What issues should have been discussed or given importance by President Rodrigo Duterte on his 2nd State of the Nation Address?” The president should’ve also discussed about our technology, industry and its economy. I personally think that it will be interesting if we have an insight on [READ MORE]