[OPINION] Youth Resistance and Academic Spaces

By Novah Jane Dahili | January 23, 2021 In school, students become the best version of themselves. We can explore, discover, and learn out of our comfort zones. We can freely express our thoughts, emotions, and opinions. We are molded to be objective and critical.  Most importantly, we are [READ MORE]

[OPINION] Online school sucks; I do not like it

By Jean Salgados | 🌻 Jan. 19, 2020 From August to December of 2020, Silliman’s first semestral iteration of online classes runs;  and then from this week onwards to May, it’s the second.  We can go without saying that this first iteration is well beyond rough, considering most [READ MORE]

[OPINION] Cure the Infected Dream

By Agustin Vicente Bas | Creative Steals Vol. XCI No. 18 Mar. 6, 2020 “To finish college.” That’s every single college student’s dream. May it be with flying colors, or for some, no colors at all, the dream stays the same. Students have fought, struggled, and survived long [READ MORE]

The Mean One

By Jeck Tirambulo | Ex-Batallones Vol. XCI No. 17 Feb. 21, 2020 They used to say that everyone’s first victory was winning the swimming contest to the ovary. Although hearing it calls for an immediate celebration to my part as I rarely excel at anything, sometimes in the most melancholic [READ MORE]