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A Tribute to Batch 2021

There is an endless list of words and adjectives, yet nothing can describe just how robbed we all are of experiencing over a year of “new” normalcy— a year that could have been full of classroom shenanigans, after-school hangouts, and university-wide activities that all contributed to the [READ MORE]

Wiggle through the Week: How to Prepare for Finals Week

The final stretch of the game is upon us. But we must all face the dreaded “boss-level” that is the final examination. The idea is startling, especially when you think about studying your books cover-to-cover and reliving the concepts you do not understand so much, all while complying with the [READ MORE]

Well compensated, Underpaid Filipino workers

The people are the lifeblood of a nation, which is to say that it cannot exist without those who keep it alive and healthy. That being said, the first day of May is dedicated to the workers. We find our workers full to the brim of work, whilst at the same time being exploited by not giving them [READ MORE]