Types of ninongs/ninangs

Compiled by Agustin Bas | Graphics & Layout Artist

Vol. XCI No. 13

Dec. 13, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not for those ninongs/ninangs that gave us those promises months and months ago… and forgot about it. They all have their tactics and strategies on how to avoid us during family gatherings, public places, and home visits. But not all of them avoid us, others have never forgotten about it and are very prepared for the occasion. Here are the types of ninongs/ninangs you might encounter this Christmas.

TRS1.jpgSanta Closed
We see them every regular day of the year. But as the Christmas season slowly approaches, suddenly their homes, stores, rooms are closed. We just wanted to invite them to the coming Christmas parties, but we couldn’t… because they are closed. For sure we were not going to ask for gifts from them, right?

Frosty the NO-man
The bravest, hardest and strongest of them all. As you jokingly ask for your Christmas presents, they will confidently throw the “NO” card to you. Admire these people, they know how to do proper financial management and save actual money every Christmas season.

At last, the generous part of the conversation! These ninongs/ninangs give out gifts amongst the others, but as their name goes, they only give out chocolates. Probably those chocolates were only given to them too. But at least they give!

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