SU conducts environmental summit

By Hannah Patricia Abril | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 13

Dec. 13, 2019

Silliman University conducts “No Time to Waste: Environmental Summit,” an emphasis on the university’s implementation of environmental principles and the zero-waste management policy headed by SU president, Dr. Betty McCann at the SU Hall, Dec. 9. 

Aside from the implementation of environmental practices in the university, the environmental summit aims to achieve a common understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the environmental champions, enhance the skills in awareness-raising, behavior-changing techniques and waste assessment.

Pres. McCann opened the event by stating “There is something that each one of us can do to be able to manage our waste properly.”

The university president stated in the opening remarks that the people who are aware and sensitive of the environment cannot just be in the ‘sidelines’ and not do anything about the current environmental crisis.

“In fact, we should be chanting ‘no time to waste in terms of how we handle waste.’” Pres. McCann added.

Dr. Earl Jude Paul Cleope, vice president for academic affairs, defined the environmental champions, key contacts for environmental-related advocacies within their departments, units or organizations, and their responsibilities in updating and submitting plans and periodic reports to the Pollution Control Officer and Zero Waste Management committee, and promoting environmental initiatives and coordinate environmental activities.

The participants have been immersed and dug in to the learning experience of the summit by conducting hands-on simulations such as role-playing, waste segregation, and application of the Waste Assessment and Brand Audit.

Dr. Jorge Emmanuel, a professor at the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences and a Balik Scientist under the Department of Science and Technology, spearheaded the action of the first environmental summit of the university. Part of his vision is to let the Sillimanians leave the campus with the engraved knowledge of caring the environment.

Dr. Emmanuel said, “From the experience of the Sillimanian going through all experience when they leave, they actually have live with the love of the environment and to do their part.”. “So I’m hoping that both with the knowledge that they gain; understanding what are the environmental issues, what it means to people, what it means [to] the future generations, and then, not only the knowledge but building the attitude that we need on how we feel about the environment, about creation and so on.”

 “I hope this will become just the regular part of any Sillimanian coming out from their experience in school.” Dr. Emmanuel added.

The SU Student Government Environment Committee presented their upcoming events for the Zero Waste Month that will transpire in Jan. 2020, such as video-making contests, photowalks, spoken word events, and music and arts night.

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