Irreplaceable Home

By Diamay Klem D. Balacuit | Feature Writer

Vol. XCI No. 13

Dec. 13, 2019

Full packed traveling bags, transportation tickets, a bag full of food and pasalubongs, and giddy smiles along with a heart that is full of excitement fulfills the desire of everyone’s wishes — it is going back home. 

The holiday season has already kicked in. We hear now the unending playlists of christmas carols played in every place we go, news about lighting up events in the city and in nearby towns, and different christmas parties we attend add up to the excitement stored in us as we long to enjoy the break this christmas season brings. This season is what everyone hopes for —  to have a break from school and work, and for us to catch a glimpse of the smiles of our loved ones we miss. 

Hugs and Kisses

In this yuletide season, the rush of cold breeze embraces everyone. As the breeze envelops us, the longingness slowly fills in our system — giving us the feelings of home. The home is the place that everyone misses especially to us students who study away from our loved ones. It is the place where our comfort zone lies in. 

The yuletide season also brings the excitement of hugging back the memories we had in our home during our childhood days — the memories we have shared with our loved ones. Those are the days where there are no requirements needed. Instead, happiness is the only thing it needs. It brings nostalgia as everyone thought of experiencing it back again. 

The kisses of thoughtfulness and genuinity of love encapsulates the wholeness of us. It is truly felt when we are with our loved ones. The thoughtfulness in words and actions are evident when we see the smiles of our loving family, caring relatives and supportive friends back in our place. These things become the most important thing we surely wanted to experience even in a short period of time. Seeing their smiles and hearing their loving and comforting words pushes us to be with them in this holiday season. 

Comfort and Peace

As we rush to finish the works and requirements we have, the realization that this season gives us a break away from the stress that these things bring motivates us to the thought of being comforted within the realms of our loved ones. The genuine smile they bring gives us comfort — to be loved and be remembered no matter what. Christmas season soothes the aching hearts and souls of every person suffering from any misfortune in life. The warm that this season brings fills the cold gaps brought by the different tides of problems — and that is what we are looking for when we go back home. 

Being away from the loads of school work even in a short period of time gives us peace as we enjoy this season. We enjoy this by giving lots of love to the people who are close to our hearts. The love we have, may it be small or big, can still light up someone’s dim world. This can be done even in a small gesture of kindness. This season also serves as an instrument to have a room of acceptance of everything, forgiveness of mistakes, and showering of kindness to all despite the challenges we have encountered. These things will always be found inside the comfort of our homes — giving peace to our tired hearts and souls.

Heading back to our homes is the most important thing we can do. Seeing those smiles back home gives us a million reasons to continue our journey here on earth. They are our stronghold that no one can defeat. Problems may arise, but this joyful season reminds us that no one can replace our home.

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