101 Pass LET Exam, SPED Major ranks 5th

By Hannah Patricia T. Abril | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 11

Dec. 6, 2019

Silliman University announced 24 newly licensed elementary teachers and 77 newly licensed secondary level teachers and one of them became a top notcher. 

Sheena Khimber Lee B. Tan, a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in Special Education garners the spot of top five with a percentage rate of 90.80.

“I really prayed for a top notcher actually… I’m just a few months old as a dean of the college and I really prayed ’Lord, please give us even one top notcher’ and he granted it. So I was so happy, I was so overwhelmed and of course, I attribute it to everybody, who is handling our Gen Ed, because the first part is Gen Ed. I also attribute it to those who are teaching our professional education subjects… and those who are handling also our major subjects.” said  Dr. Batchiba R. Lacdo-o, Dean of the College of Education. 

The university garnered the passing rate of 69.7 percent for the elementary level and 73.2 percent for the secondary level.

The partial list of newly licensed teachers are:

Elementary level

  1. Agraviador, Mariz
  2. Alba, Andrea
  3. Apor, Jesse Lee B.
  4. Cafe, Maria Faustine S.
  5. Casile, Diana Rose S.
  6. Decipolo, Phyxine Jeil
  7. Fabillar, Mary Cris M.
  8. Gabucan, Sylvia Eurekah
  9. Galera, Laila Isabel
  10. Gapol, Jared Rose T.
  11. Micarandayo, Hyacinth T.
  12. Quibido, Agnes Balongag
  13. Robin, Lolyn Faith C.
  14. Sevillo, Alice Marie Q.
  15. Sy, Maryqueen Girlette F.
  16. Tan, Sheena Khimber Lee
  17. Teope, Dale Dannielle
  18. Vilar, Trisha Danne C.
  19. Yso, Keith Chantel B.

Secondary level

  1. Artiaga, Jamaica Xciedge Bancairen
  2. Balansag, Florian C.
  3. Barot, Jessah
  4. Bihag, Franz Khyte
  5. Bron, Danyea
  6. Dela Cruz, Shwetha Doryn
  7. Elmaco, Yashmin Shindelle
  8. Enopia, Lourdes Anne Generoso
  9. Escorial, Bern Anne Rhea Q.
  10. Estrabela, Dave
  11. Galera, Glendy Faith B.
  12. Galon, Shara
  13. Garsula, Adrielle T.
  14. Kinilitan, Rica Ann
  15. Kitane, Kendrick M.
  16. Lacibal, Zeanalyn Ursal
  17. Magalso, Felrose
  18. Matibag, Matt Gaven
  19. Ong, Angela Jirah
  20. Pacana, Scott Jason
  21. Parrilla, Marlene Jane A.
  22. Pinili, Karl James
  23. Remata, Johannah A.
  24. Novero, Shane Rohani
  25. Ruamar, Rehum A.
  26. Sabanal, Anna Mae C.
  27. Saguban, Joannie Dawn
  28. Sarming, Gwyneth Rosciel
  29. Silva, Charles
  30. Sombilon, Gindayl F.
  31. Sonugan, Gem Dominique G.
  32. Sy, Ercel Lee
  33. Timtim, Olga Mae A.
  34. Tingcang, Vera Rose D.
  35. Via, Emilou A.
  36. Wang, Wei-Wei China A.
  37. Yaeso, Chelluh Raniel

The licensure examination was directed by the Professional Regulation Commission last September and the results were released on December 1. 

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