Silliman produces one newly licensed psychologist and 31 psychometricians

By Dominic Zi Ann D. Ng | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 10

Nov. 22, 2019

Silliman University (SU) produces a new psychologist who passed the October 2019 Psychologist Licensure Examination and 31 newly licensed psychometricians who passed the October 2019 Psychometrician Licensure Examination.

SU earned a passing rate of 77.50%, topping the national average of 63.73% for the Psychometrician Licensure Examination, and garnered a passing rate of 50% for the Psychologist Licensure Examination.

The newly licensed psychologist of SU as follows:

  • Balajadia, Misha Ileine P.

The newly licensed psychometricians of SU as follows:

  • Alforque, Adrian Jay C.
  • Antonio, Isabelle Mae B.
  • Aves, Jame Andrew G.
  • Baruc, Alexia Frances Z.
  • Basong, Felice T.
  • Belorio, Mark Simon C.
  • Buenaventura, EJ L.
  • Cayaon, Makar Franlo E.
  • Cayongcong, Jumaiah Peral C.
  • Cornelia, Corrine Faye E.
  • Delacruz, John Paul A.
  • Facturan, Raymund Miguel L.
  • Gabales, James Z.
  • Gooc, Lindsy B.
  • Hatague, Clint Harvyne C.
  • Israel, Achilles Isidore Z.
  • Khan, Anne Margareth L.
  • Kinilitan, Saidynn Marie G.
  • Lim, Cassie Angela Q.
  • Malicay, Charlene C.
  • Mercolita, Ma. Lourdes Angelica M.
  • Minanga, Indira Skye B.
  • Muñez, Cyryl Joie T.
  • Nisnisan, Ruby Claire S.
  • Omamalin, Andrea S.
  • Regalado, Gerise M.
  • Ruiz, Maretella Jerica U.
  • Serencio Anne Kimberly L.
  • Teves, Ruby Patricia P.
  • Violeta Kate Francis C.
  • Yusoph, Aljhayma B.

According to the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) 6,800 out of 10,670 passed the Psychometrician Licensure Examination and 205 out of 285 passed the Psychologist Licensure Examination.


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