What tangible programs do you think should the government implement to combat climate change?

Compiled by Neil Willer S. Nobleza | Circulation Manager

Vol. XCI No. 8

Oct. 4, 2019

Sustainable programs and programs to combat the so called climate change should be spearheaded by institutions like Silliman. Studies and experiments should be done in Institution then funded by Gov­ernment. If we leave everything for government to experiment and study it will be not be a reality. So i would suggest Schools may have a program or competition for these and get funding for winning ideas. encourage students to experiment and be creative with ideas.
Luel de Jesus, Silliman University Alumnus

Wala nay road construction nga mo gamit extra land. Mag overpass nalang! Go for vertical housing. Ayaw na pagamitag plastic to-go cups/straws tanan establishments. Naa rabay bago ni abri ron. Bring back trees in our parks. No air-conditioner Fridays to all govt and pri­vate offices. Diba mo malisang. Para makaingon nga climate change is real. Experience what we have done.
Leica Ilem Generoso, Silliman University Alumna

Use of biogas or e-cars.
Rea Samantha Migullas, Silliman University Alumna

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