23 Sillimanians pass Social Worker Licensure Examination

By Henrie Angelie L. Tam | News Writer

Vol. XCI No. 7

Sept. 13, 2019

Silliman University (SU) College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) an­nounced 23 newly licensed social workers who passed the August 2019 Social Worker Licensure Examination given last Aug. 21-23.

The newly licensed Social Workers of SU are:

  1. Abanto, Junrey A.
  2. Anino, Charis Gil E.
  3. Arguido, Ethel Gay B.
  4. Bahinting, Ruby Gin N.
  5. Calintig, Jeanie Love S.
  6. Garcia, Karine Mae A.
  7. Gernade, Jorraine Nathalie D.
  8. Gonzalez, Carl John J.
  9. Lanaria, Mark Daniel C.
  10. Lastimado, Precious Sham E.
  11. Manlavi, Grant Yves T.
  12. Olis, Alliah Louise C.
  13. Patrimonio, Alvin Jan S.
  14. Ponce, Aeonee Kyle D.
  15. Raddatz, Katharina Haley C.
  16. Ragay, Bianca Althea V.
  17. Reyes, Pearly O.
  18. Sedilles, Renemar M.
  19. Subong, Marianne Joyce Q.
  20. Taasin, Chelsea B.
  21. Toledo, Sheila Marae O.
  22. Tse, Jackie Dawn C.
  23. Valleser, Maxine Isobel C.

Chairperson of the Social Work department Serlyn E. Sanson said the passers took the exam either in Cebu or Davao.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, 2,723 out of 5,880 examinees passed the board exam.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mae Brigitt Bernadel Villordon, dean of CAS, extended her warmest congratulations to the faculty, staff and students of the Social Work department for obtaining a passing rate of 95.65%.

Dr. Villordon commended the faculty and staff for their efforts in prepar­ing the students. “This success is the result of the different efforts and the different learning environments that helped mold the academic and non-academic experiences of our social work students.”

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