“What is your take on Silliman University’s safety and security protocols?”

Compiled by Nathan Cruz | Web Manager

Vol. XCI No. 1 — July 30, 2019

“The university’s security protocols were recently put to the test. Generally
speaking, the security personnel were very responsive when it comes to securing
the campus. Although, the dissemination of information could’ve been a whole
lot better if the security office, along with the school administration, publicised
real-time updates to the situation, so as to debunk false information that were
circulating during the lockdown.”
Ben Nadzmier Bensali, HumSS Grade 12

“ I believe the university tried its best to ensure safety of everyone, being responsive
was good. However, updates could have been smoother and systematic evacuation
was lacking. Providing mental care service for the traumatized seems essential as well.
Looking forward to improvements and preventions.”
Heun Helena Yang, Bachelor of Fine Arts IV

“Silliman needs a dedicated team and system for dissemination of *actual* information.
Plain and simple. Most of the panic was caused by false information being
spread, which helped no one.”
Ronald Christian Kollman, Bachelor of Science in Nursing I

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Official student news publication of Silliman University.

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