When Worlds Apart

By Chunchunmaru and the Goat; Hervey Angelo F. Avenido | Cartoonist


Imagine living everyday life without the person you are attached to by your side, imagine seeing that very chair that you are used to sit on, empty, as you pass by the Hibbard benches. Imagine how it feels to sit on that chair, no longer feeling the weight on your shoulders that your dearest used to lean on. Lonely, right? How about seeing them off as they travel somewhere knowing that they’ll never come back again? Frustrating? Lonely? Maddening? Maybe a mix of everything?

For a lot of us it is a feat that someone could still stay in a relationship despite being apart from our partner. The little but important moments spent with them that made life amazing, like the face they make upon seeing you or the little walks through the Hibbard boulevard are reduced to sending love through pictures and videos via messaging apps. The tensions, sexual and emotional, are no longer felt. The longer they stay away, the faster the emptiness devours every bit of happiness inside of us. You find yourself stuck in a dilemma.

Staying isn’t always the best option in long distance relationships, as it is easier to just quit and find another, not to mention logical. As for me, I want to stay and fight for as long as I can because I know, once the battle is won, a blissful reward will be given, not just from her, but from life. Then it would mean that I have fought through the biggest obstacle when it comes to love— staying together despite being worlds apart. And that means something. It means that love is still alive, that true love does exist and that love is worth waiting for.

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