5 SUSG ExeComs temporarily stop operation

By Chrisse Martha B. Gillesania | News Writer


Five of the 18 Silliman University Student Government Executive Committees (SUSG ExeComs) were temporarily banned to operate after their appointed chairpersons and vice-chairpersons failed to submit requirements on the deadline set by the Committee on Appointments (CA).

These committees are the Secretariat, Students’ Rights and Welfare (STRAW), Information and Media, External Projects and Junior High School Affairs (JHSA) Committees.

This ban means they will not be recognized by the SUSG Assembly, will not be allowed to hold events, and will not get a budget.

Per SUSG Constitution, committee heads are appointed by the SUSG President and are screened by the CA of the SUSG Student Assembly for checks and balances.

The following 16 out of 60 appointees have been disapproved by the CA and are now ineligible to be reappointed by the SUSG President. Eleven come from the said five non-functional committees.

1. Lexandrea Bliss Dela Cerna, Chairperson, Sports and Recreation Committee
2. Rep. Glynese Micole Ikeda, Chairperson, Sports and Recreation Committee
3. Rep. Ike Marcial, Chairperson, STRAW Committee
4. Rep. Amiel Andrew Aranez, Vice-Chairperson, STRAW Committee
5. Rasheed Salcedo, Co-Chairperson, Information and Media Committee
6. Jermin Mae Tagarao, Co-Chairperson, Information and Media Committee
7. Aleanah Cortes, Chairperson, Committee on Student Organization
8. Kirsten Dique, Vice-Chairperson, Committee on Student Organization
9. Oscar Gravador III, Chairperson, Marketing Committee
10. Ryan Sia, Vice-Chairperson, Secretariat Committee
11. Dorene Felizceti Yee, Chairperson, Junior High School Affairs
12. Mark Kyle Maxino, Chairperson, Junior High School Affairs
13. Rep. Ashley Simone Teves, Vice-Chairperson, Junior High School Affairs
14. Rep. Ella Vasquez, Vice-Chairperson, Junior High School Affairs
15. Rep. Dexter Baculna, Chairperson, External Projects Committee
16. Rep. Ulysses Lagrimas, Vice-Chairperson, External Projects Committee

After extending the deadline twice, CA Chair Joshua Ferido said the submission of requirements was long overdue, prompting him to reject the said appointees.

Meanwhile, SUSG President Daryl Robinson said although the CA set a deadline for the requirements, some of his appointees still hesitated to accept their positions due to academic workload and personal reasons.

“As students, our primary focus should be on our academics and I appreciate those students who informed me of their decision not to carry out the position,” Robinson said.
For instance, Rep. Aranez (Vice-Chairperson of STRAW) said he informed Robinson about his resignation even before the deadline for the requirements was set. He added that because it was an informal resignation, his name was not removed from the list.

As for the now vacant ExeCom positions, Robinson said he wants all positions to be filled only by capable and willing students.

As of press time, Robinson said he has been in contact with some student leaders who are possible candidates for the vacant positions.

Exemption for JHSA

Meanwhile, Ferido said the appointed chairpersons and vice-chairpersons for the JHSA submitted all of the requirements except for the recommendation from the JHS principal.

Rep. Fionna Chuang from the Graduate School said she believes this is because JHS Principal Maria Donata Ameliz Kinatac-an does not like JHS students to be in any SG-related organizations or events.

Robinson said that he has emailed the Principal Kintac-an regarding this matter but received no response.

In line with this, Ferido said he may officially extend the deadline for the appointed chairpersons and vice-chairpersons of JHSA after he receives their excuse.

As of press time, no action has been made yet regarding the situation of the JHSA chairpersons and vice-chairpersons.

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