TUKOD revives booth fest spirit

By Nathan Angelo B. Cruz | News Writer


Student organizations opted to build their booths first-hand for the Hibalag Booth Festival at the Ravello Physical Education Field.

This year, Silliman University Student Government Committee on Student Organizations (ComSO) implemented a new set of guidelines for TUKOD, the booth building process, to be more student-centric.

“We think that the essence of booth building was fading away because of less student participation during the building; however, this year…as we can all see in the booth area, a lot of students now, even teachers and alumni in the university, contributed their efforts in making their booths,” said Thea Cafe, ComSO Co-head for Evaluations and Registrations.

The TUKOD system of ComSO awards Booth Building Points based on the amount of assistance received from professionals.

Organizations opting for Types A (100,000 points), B (50,000 points), and C (35,000 points) under TUKOD must build their own booth, with either a maximum of two alumni or advisers, one carpenter for structural purposes only, or one carpenter for both structural purposes and supervision, respectively.

Type D, worth 25,000 points, are for organizations not building their booth by themselves, and may receive the assistance of two carpenters.

ComSO also awards TUKOD Assistance Points to organizations that help others in booth building.

Class A (worth 5,000 points) includes hauling the materials, attaching the roof and painting the booth, among others. Class B (7,500 points) includes the weaving and making of the roof. Class C (10,000 points) includes forming the skeleton structure, as well as making both floors.

When organizations cannot comply with their chosen type of TUKOD option, Cafe said the organizations message them or ComSO members find out during their daily inspection.

“The booths [built] this year is more meaningful because almost all of it were built by the students, and as we all witness, they allocated a lot of time, effort and heart in making it,” Cafe said.

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