Speak Up and Speak Out

by Nathan Angelo B. Cruz | NEWS WRITER


Feminism is making great strides nowadays, and I think it’s a very heartwarming development to witness.

A key development that was all the talk late last year was the #MeToo movements. Soon more and more women, especially those who have been sexually harassed by celebrities, started speaking up. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this, but the world is all the better for knowing.

What saddens me, though, is that there might be more to this than we thought. I chanced upon the relatively recent article, “Inside the Culture of Sexism at Riot Games” from Kotaku. This article blew up on Reddit and although coming from a generally iffy publication, the views and anecdotes expressed in the article were affirmed by former employees of Riot Games on Twitter.

To summarize the article, the female employees at Riot Games, known for the hugely popular multiplayer online battle arena video game League of Legends, are terribly mistreated. Such misconduct ranges from ideas not being recognized at a meeting, shaming women and rape jokes to being sent unsolicited pictures of male coworkers’ genitalia through email, among others.

It may seem to be small inconveniences or even be commonplace, but that’s exactly the point. These small inconveniences do add up to transform a workplace that is supposedly conducive to productivity and creativity into a nightmare.

And that’s just one company, albeit a gaming company so heavily entrenched in its fraternity-like “bro culture.” Who knows just how much more women out there face things like this every day, be it at work, school or home? Who knows just how many lives have been ruined to such shameful and demeaning behavior?

Efforts to let the public know should be applauded and encouraged. As previously stated, it takes a lot of courage, as it could paint a huge target on your back, should you speak out.

The world deserves to know about the struggles of people harassed like this, so that someday we may finally live in a world where men and women are treated as equals.

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