National I.D. System

Compiled by Jameela I. Mendoza | Editor in Chief
Photos compiled by Brad Pete Joshua I. jamolod | Layout Artist & Graphic Artist


Last Aug. 6, President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) Act. Here are some things you need to know about the new law:


network-cable-with-high-tech-technology-color-background-picture-id529677456.jpg.800x600_q96One for all

The law will set up a centralized database for vital information on all Filipino citizens and resident aliens. Instead of presenting multiple IDs for government transactions, a single national ID called “Phil-ID” can be used.

source: https://www.itchannel.pt/news/seguranca/ tres-conselhos-para-utilizadores-de-smartphones-com-sensor-de-impressao-digital



The individual’s name, sex, birthdate, place of birth, and address will be included in the ID. Biometrics information like facial image, fingerprints and iris scan will also be collected.

source: http://www.argustrueid.com/2017/05/04/ fingerprint-scanning-solutions-work-private-sector-adopting/


swipe-card-access-control-system.jpgImproved efficiency

Proponents of PhilSys said it aims to improve efficiency in providing government services and other processes while addressing the lack of government-issued IDs among citizens, as the ID will be mandatory but free.

source: https://www.identisys.com/ solutions/access-control-systems/physical-access-security


NetworkSecurity_large.jpgSecurity measures

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) will work with Philippine Statistics Authority, which will handle PhilSys, to address concerns on privacy and security. NPC Commissioner Raymund Liboro also said the Data Privacy Act will protect the right of privacy.

source: https://www.travelers.com/resources/cyber-security/network-security-tips-and-guidelines
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