A Conversation with the Confused Mind

by Mhel Jane U. Catacutan | Business Manager


“It really feels good when you love what you’re doing,” I heard a girl say beside me one time. “Like this course really is my passion and I’m not thinking of going anywhere,” she added.

I am currently a freshman in Accountancy. I understand the lessons being taught to us. I enjoy analyzing business transactions and balancing financial statements. I always have fun doing the accounting, but when asked by the people “Why accounting?” I always end up silent like you can hear the sound of the crickets in the background or I would always get to answer “I don’t know” with a ‘hehehe’ laugh to increase the level of awkwardness even more. It really sounds pathetic, but it is true, and so sometimes I wonder what really it is that I am passionate about.

I know a lot of people who shifted from one course to another. When I asked them why they they shifted, they would always tell me that it was not because they’re struggling, but because they just couldn’t see themselves in that course anymore. This would always stir up a fear and a bundle of what is in me. What if halfway through my course then will I come to an epiphany of what I really love to do? What if it is not accountancy?

I fear that this day will happen. I fear it like a proverbial blind man who is afraid of the dark – or maybe not. I fear that I would disappoint a lot of people, especially my parents. Maybe what I really fear is what others would say behind my back. But either way, to you who is in the bubble of confusion right now, take time to think about what you love, No matter what path you choose, no matter what people say, just know that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you were put there in that course to realize your deepest desire. Maybe you are really destined for great things, the things that are aligned with God’s will and plans and can only be achieved through you doing your passion. The “shiftees” I know may have disappointed themselves and the people around them at some point, but right now you can tell that they are finally genuinely happy happy with the warm smile plastered on their faces. You can see beyond their eyes and looks that finally, they have already found the missing piece in their puzzled life, that they have already filled one of the missing gaps within them, . You can, too, we all can if we just have faith in ourselves and God.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is by doing what you love. If you haven’t found it yet, then keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you found it.” – Steve Jobs

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