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There is something about celebrations that draw everyone together. May it be the good food, positive vibe or the essence of festivity, celebrations just bring out the best in everyone. In Filipino culture, we tend to go out of our way and be extremely extravagant when it comes to parties. After all, it is during these events that relationships between people reconnect and new ones are created.

Now that Hibalag 2018 is fast approaching, the spirit of festivity is slowly creeping in on everyone.

On its 117th year after being established, Silliman University (SU) is once again preparing itself for the annual Founders Day celebration that takes up the last two weeks of August.

the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) feels for the student body on the excitement and anticipation for this event. Not only the students but the faculty and administration as well for this celebration is a highlight of everyone’s success.

Looking back so far, this school year has been full of positive changes. One of the  significant and game changing improvements that happened this school year is the appointment of the 13th president, Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann. Aside from being the breath of fresh air that the university needed, Pres. McCann is also the first female SU president.

According to SU’s website, Pres. McCann envisions progressive things for Silliman like serving as the Via, Veritas, Vita for our country. One of her many goals is to create a “whole person education in Silliman’s teaching and non-teaching programs and services.”

tWS believes that we can expect many great things from our new president. Because of the fresh changes within the campus this year, there is a lot that we can be thankful for this Hibalag.

This Hibalag is not only the time for activities created by organizations but time for thanking and appreciating everything that everyone, as a university, has accomplished as well. tWS suggests that there are so many things that the student body has to be thankful for this Hibalag.

It is time to appreciate all the resources available to us that the university has provided, helping make our education’s quality be at par with bigger universities despite being in the small corner of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City.

tWS would also like to extend our gratitude towards our teachers and staff who work nonstop from Mondays until Sundays. And this Hibalag, we encourage them to have fun and unwind. It is not only the time of the students but everyone involved in the continuous progress of the university as well.

We are only days away from Hibalag and tWS encourages everyone to take care of themselves and never let go of their sense of responsibility. Have fun in a way where others can have their own share of enjoyment as well. Let us be thankful and work together in making the rest of the school year productive and progressive. tWS

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