Zero Waste Policy in Hibalag

by Joevic Christine B. Baclayanto | Editor-in-Chief



GIVING VOICE TO EARTH. Sillimanian student journalist, creatives, and enviornmentalists participated in the Camp SEWI (Student’s Environmental Writing Initiative): Ang Pangalawang Hugot at the American Studies Resource Center, Sillimanian University Library, July 30.

Silliman University, in cooperation with the SU Student Government, will implement the Zero Waste policy in the Hibalag Booth Festival (2018), encouraging people in the booth area to practice proper waste segregation and providing bins for recyclable and biodegradable.

Engineer Edgar Ygnalaga Jr., Buildings and Grounds (BG) Superintendent, said, “The zero waste is about being responsible with your own waste.”

He said concessionaires generate residual waste and it has been a problem because they throw away their leftovers on the drainage canals, which the university has to flush out by using a rented fire truck, which means additional expense.

“It is best that the (waste) generators will have a participation in disposing the waste,” he said. “As much as possible, we will not bring to the dumpsite waste that can be recycled and is biodegradable, residual waste only,” he added.

However, since it is the first year of the implementation of zero waste management, the concessionaires were not given enough time to prepare, so plastic straws will still be available for some beverage products.

“More or less this year we are not focusing on taking out all those plastic products,” said Aleanah Lim Cortes, Committee on Student Organizations (COMSO) Co-Chairperson.

imagesShe said, however, that in a meeting last July 30, the concessionaires said they will avoid using plastic bags and cellophane and use paper bags instead.

She also said information dissemination is important and will be done this year.

“We are going to put posters in every booth regarding proper segregation, [that] it’s better to use metal straws, own utensils, own containers for the food products and we already told our concessionaires to provide a standard unit for putting on milk tea or coffee,” Cortes said.

Violators of the regulations will be given a warning for the first two offenses. A fine of 500 pesos will be slapped for the third offense.

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