Editorial Cartoon 4

The Hibalag season is upon us once again. Like in all Founders Day celebrations, we will see the same familiar faces, attend the usual enticing activities and smother ourselves with good food and good camaraderie. But then we need to deal with the elephant in the room: How will the zero waste advocacy fit into the Hibalag tradition, a gathering that in all honesty generates a huge amount of waste for 11 days of fun and festivity?

We laud the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) and the Committee on Student Organization’s (COMSO) for starting to implement the University Administration’s Zero Waste management advocacy. It is encouraging to see that Silliman student leaders are already much involved and driven in pursuing this very new advocacy.

The SG plans to launch an information drive regarding Zero Waste. This is going to be an efficient tool for people to understand Zero Waste management.
We also admire the Buildings and Grounds, under the supervision of Engineer Edgar Ygnalaga Jr., for cooperating with SUSG to strictly enforce the waste segregation policy with this year’s concessionaires. It is our duty to uphold the SU tradition of welcoming visitors during Hibalag, but it is also on our shoulders to carry the advocacies we wish to see flourish now and in the years ahead.

We believe that this is only the year of adjustment for all of us and that patience will be needed at all cost.

the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) encourages the students to cooperate with our leaders in ensuring that this year’s celebration will benefit us all without neglecting the call to end plastic pollution and environmental degradation. We believe that it is only through our initiatives and compromises that we will be able to create sustainable solutions.

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