Ygnalaga: SU drinking water is safe

by Edna Lhou Masicampo | News Writer



Silliman University’s drinking water sources had been tested by the Dumaguete City Water District (DCWD) and have been declared safe for drinking.

Buildings and Grounds (BG) Superintendent Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga Jr. said the water sources were tested twice in a year with the interval of six months. This usually happens during the start of classes and at the end of the first semester. The water testing relied on the schedule given by the availability of the DCWD personnel.

The university has five deep well sources near the Engineering and Elementary buildings Ausejo Hall, Vernon Hall, Doltz Hall and the Art Gallery. Every deep well has been tested from its source to its endpoints. From its latest results of microbiological analysis, it was declared safe because it does not go beyond the contaminant level. The water testing cost is approximately Php 60, 000.00.

These deep wells are abundant in water and have a depth of about 60 to 90 feet. The one in the Engineering site is like a pond located under the street with a strong force of water that no salt intrusion from the sea can enter it, Ygnalaga said.

One of the wells that were often monitored is located at the back of the Art Gallery because of the residential houses congestion such as boarding houses that can be found nearby.

Ygnalaga said that area is most dangerous for the intrusion of the deep well, and that is why it is being constantly monitored. It is a very strong source of water and supplies the faculty housing.

However, there were times of failure in the testing, but the water source cannot be blamed because during the water testing it was safe, but it was at the end point of the source where the contamination occurred, said Ygnalaga.

Ygnalaga advised “whenever using the faucet or drinking fountain never to drink immediately because there might be contamination bacteria at the end point of it, especially when it was not being used for an hour or half day so let it flow for a while before sipping it.”

Meanwhile, everyone is encouraged to avail of the drinking water from the water fountains and faucets in campus. This is in accordance also with the university’s zero waste advocacy.

Aside from the DCWD, Silliman’s deep wells were also monitored by the National Water Resources Board and BG reports to them quarterly with the static and pumping level of the deep-well water.

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