“In what ways can Silliman encourage the students to be more involved with school activities?”

Compiled by Jullian Rae Alexandra D. Macrohon | Circulation Manager


Silliman can encourage students to engage more on school activities through promoting them in the form of making posters or even in an article in the school publication itself but this can only be made effective if the promoters involved are good in the field of persuasion.
-Claire Justine Pugio, Senior High school STEAM-Grade 11

I think the students should be better informed about how the school activities can benefit them not just academically but in different aspects like maybe socially, spiritually, etc. It’s also a good way to encourage students to let them see the FUN in every school activity there will be. Because as a student myself, I always go where I know I can learn something new and at the same time, have fun.
-Jeramae Mariel R. Melon, BSBA-HRM I

I really like how my department makes us required to attend some school activities because it gives us opportunities to engage, create and make fun yet insightful memories while studying here in Silliman.
-Shawn Iverson A. Bilacaol, BS Psychology I

Silliman can encourage the students to be more attentive by scrutinizing well the activities that it provides, in a way of presenting them that these activities are worth the effort and also informing them the benefits of joining these activities.
-Kelsey Villafuerte, Senior High school, STEAM-Grade 11

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