SU Mass Comm dean attends Dev Comm workshop

by Joevic Baclayanto | Editor-in-Chief


Silliman University College of Mass Communication Dean Melita C. Aguilar attended the three-day workshop entitled “Strengthening the Competencies of Faculty Members of Higher Education Institutions offering Development Communication” at University of the Philippines, Los Baños College of Development Communication, July 3-5.

Development Communication is a branch of communication that focuses on the development of the community.

“Most of the things that were discussed there particularly on the curriculum development and the theories of development vis-à-vi what communication and development communication is all about, and then of course the technological tools that can be used in education,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar said, CMC is already bringing the learnings to the community by particularly doing the campus journalism workshop collaborating with groups and organizations.

“In our senior year we offer environmental journalism… last year i brought the class to geothermal sights; they were on a one day immersion and the students were able to meet the farmers, the organization and they were able to see the demo farm,” she added.

The SU CMC now offers development reporting, as a part of the curriculum for both Bachelor of Mass Communication and Bachelor of Mass Communication major in Broadcasting.

The college is also looking to the possibility of reviving the Masters of Environmental Communication and diploma in Environmental Journalism.

Moreover, areas of competencies on reportage, multimedia, media based learning system, quantitative and qualitative development communication research were discussed and enhanced. The event was attended by forty-five communication faculty members coming from 27 HEI’s.

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