From consciousness to resilience, this National Disaster Resilience Month (formerly called National Disaster Consciousness Month) aims to strengthen the resilience of Filipinos to natural calamities through adequate knowledge and preparedness. Here are some reminders you should take note in these unexpected times (these might save your life!):



Emergency Survival Kit

Make sure your emergency survival kit is stocked with essential items and kept in an easily accessible location. Make sure you know how to use what’s inside.

source: https://www.amazon.co.uk/EVAQ8-Emergency-Hour-Survival-Complete/dp/B00185ASH6




Secure Emergency Numbers

Secure a copy of (or memorize!) your localemergency numbers. Knowwho you’ll contact outsidethe area (it’s easier to
make long-distance calls in emergency situations).

source: https://www.sharpsa.co.za/shop/qt2933-analogue-telephone/



flood-kzid-621x414livemintLearning Shelter Location

Decide ahead of time where you would go in case of an evacuation, whether it’s a friend’s or relative’s house or a Red Cross shelter.

source: http://darkroom.baltimoresun.com/2013/09/sept-20-photo-brief-house-derails-obamacare-lines


learnwhattodoindifferentlocations.jpgLearn What To Do In Different Locations

When calamities arrive, you may not be at home. Be sure to equip yourself with knowledge on how to react and what to do when you’re outside on a field, inside a car, in school, or at the beach.

source: https://www.wraldigitalsolutions.com/multiple-business-locations-seo-raleigh/


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