New Guidelines for special scholarship applicants

by Edna Lhou Masicampo | News Writer


The Student Aid Committee (SAC) of Silliman University has revised the guidelines for the selection of special scholarship recipients for this school year.

The applicants now must belong to the first five ranks of the graduating class in their respective schools. Their annual family income must not be more than Php 250, 000.00. Applicants must also be willing to do office internship with the required hours according to the scholarship requirement.

In addition to academic rank, number of graduating students in the class, and family income requirements, the scholarship applicants must pass an exam and the panel interview. This semester, there were 129 qualified college applicants who passed through the rigid screening for the special scholarship and were subjected to do the written exam, but only 60 proceeded with the panel interview.

After all the applicants were interviewed and their rank were determined based on the criteria, SAC deliberated who among the applicants were the most deserving to be granted scholarships taking into consideration the applicant’s rank, preferred course, the stipulations of the scholarships to be awarded and the number of available scholarships.

According to the head of the Student Scholarship and Aid Division (SSAD), Rhodora Sagun, SAC decided to have the revised criteria implemented beginning this school year since SU again now has first year college student applicants for scholarships.

With the implementation of the K-12 curriculum, no special scholarship was awarded to incoming freshman college student in the last two school years.

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