McCann: Admin to focus on People, Programs, Partnerships

by Joevic Baclayanto & Aprille Juanillo | Editor-in-Chief & News Editor


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Dr. Betty C. McCann, Silliman University President gives a sermon in the SU Church at the opening of University Christian Life Emphasis Month July 8. She said Jesus constantly saves us from sin, being the beacon of light and our companion in life. PHOTO BY ADRIAN SEVILLA

FOR THE SECOND time in history, an international student, Daryl Robinson, Students’ Union for Reforms (SURE) Party standard-bearer, won the presidential bid in the 2018 Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) elections last Feb. 28.

Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann, the new Silliman University President , said the focus of the university administration is people, programs and partnerships.


McCann said Silliman University would be ”looking into programs that address the needs of both men, women and other gender orientations, giving each one the faith to be able to accomplish the best they could under the circumstances.”

She said faculty development is the first priority, which aims to help the faculty and staff function in an environment of more advanced information and digital technology.


She also said that while Silliman has already been recognized for the excellence of its programs, the university would like to be a leading institution geared towards whole human development and integrating environmental themes in its programs.

“For the betterment of the society, we need to tell our story well, in terms of integrating environmental theme in our own teaching, research, [and] outreach programs… in all fields.”

McCann said she wants to have an assessment of where the environmental topics are integrated in the curriculum and where we are in terms of research.

“It’s not reinventing but rather organizing the program, under the environmental theme.”


McCann said she also looks forward to forging partnerships with other universities and institutions in the country, Asia-Pacific Region, United Kingdom and the United States.

“This is really important. No one can do things by oneself. We need to work together. That’s the reason why we actually will announce a director for strategic partnership so we can pursue more active deliberate partnerships,” she said.

Dr. McCann, who took office as Silliman President last June 1st, takes pride in the recent launching of the Zero Waste advocacy of the university. The first step toward this goal is to make proper use of the garbage bins for segregation.

“We are trying to ensure that we minimize waste, that those who throw their trash will be responsible enough in segregating,” she said.

The university is also investing in materials recovery facility where non-biodegradable waste is stored for collection and recycling.

President McCann, the 13th president of Silliman University, will serve for a term of five years.

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