“What student concern should be prioritized by the Silliman University Student Government?”

Compiled by Miles Therese Granada | Circulation Manager

SUSG should pressure the admin to be more transparent with their budget increase and to show a complete computation of it, as well as their expenses for next year.
John Uriel Merecido, AB Philosophy- II

For me, mental health of the students should be addressed and prioritized by the SUSG.
Mary Grace P. Magtajas, Grade 12, Humanities and Social Sciences

When a student is having trouble getting his grades, or completing INC, or getting records, the SUSG should help, since there are faculty and staff na lisod na ma reach and it would be great, in my opinion, that the SUSG should also help, like sending a representative to help the students.
Jan Michael Jay Cuevas, BBA Management II

For me, the Silliman University Student Government should somehow prioritize the development of a study center inside the campus that is well ventilated (or air-conditioned), comfortable, and of course, student friendly. Yeah, there’s the library and the OH, but I just think that there should be a place for students inside the campus if they need to spend more time for research or projects with groups or late-night academic discussions, instead of going out to cafes and spend their allowances.
Marilyn Grace A. Besinga, BS Psychology – I

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