Meet the Standard Bearers

Kyle Reyes & Margarita delos Santos | Feature Writers

SURE Party
Daryl Robinson, a junior Psychology major from Baltimore, Maryland,  USA, is this year’s Students’ Union for Reforms Party (SURE) candidate  for President. He was Vice President for the Psychology Society. Currently, he is President of Silliman University Peer Outreach Program and Governor of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).  He said he was inspired to become a good leader because of his father, and by his influencer, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But it was his years of serving in the military that developed  his passion for service and leadership.

Daryl believes that every leader should embody humility and that the heart of a student leader should not be based on a list of accolades and achievements but on the passion to really want serve. “I want my passion to be filtered to everyone to feel motivated and energized in all their endeavors. John Wesley once said, ‘When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see you burn.’ That’s the passion I have for   OUR Silliman

Achilles Isidore Z. Israel, a junior Psychology major from Tagbilaran City, Bohol, is this year’s Students’ Union for Reforms Party (SURE) candidate  for Vice-Presidenct. Even when he was young, Achilles already knew  that he had a passion for service and leadership. He is an honor student and was a foreign exchange student to Universitas Krsiten Satya in Indonesia. He is President of Psychology Society, President of Kadugong Bol-anon, President of AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines Silliman Chapter, Team Captain of CAS Track and Field, Chairperson of Hibalag Festival King and Queen and Chairperson of Negros Best Dance Crew IV. Achilles believes that being true to oneself is a quality of a dedicated leader, with God as an ultimate inspiration. “I love the party (SURE); this made me say YES (to run for the position). But my love for Silliman and its students even made my yes stronger.”

Achilles and Daryl want to put the students first if  they win the election and they envision a student body who gives importance to their FIRST agenda: F-aith, I-Interest through dialogue, R-esponsbility, S-tudent Welfare and T-ransparency.


Fionna May Chuang is a graduate of the Silliman University College of Nursing and is currently working for a  master’s degree in the College of Business Administration. She joined the CAUSE party   in high school because of its values, expressed in “service above self.” Her qualifications and achievements include President of the MBA Society, 2017- 2018;  Vice- President of the SUSG, 2012 -2013 and President of SUCNA, 2013 -2014. She was also the Vice-Governor of her high school Student Council, 2009- 2010; delegate to the National Rizal Youth Leadership Institute Conference, 2011-2013; delegate the Global Youth Summit, 2012-2013 and delegate to the Philippine Model Congress, 2013. She is  the author of “24 Resolutions” for the SUSG Assembly in 2017- 2018 and  won  the University Leadership Award in 2014 and the Nursing Leadership Award in the same year.

If elected she plans to make the campus a more student-centric environment where more advocacies and events will be handled by the students. She also plans to have the students  more involved in the budget hearing.

Sarno is an accountancy student from the College of Business Administration. He joined the CAUSE party in 2014 and as seen it as his own family ever since. Vnzichro  puts  service to others above personal interests. His most notable qualifications include being Vice-President for  Internal Affairs, Silliman University Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, 2017-2018; Vice-President for External Affairs, “Ang Sandigan” and  Vice-Chairperson, Silliman University Student Government Finance Community, 2017- 2018. In 2016, he was  a delegate to the Philippine Model Congress.

If elected, he promises to promote transparency and consistency when it comes to defending the rights of his fellow students.

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