Our Kinda Love

Just like any other romantic relationship, love needs to be substantiated. There is a prime necessity for sturdy loyalty and open communication for trust and relationship to flourish.

In Silliman, the university and the students are the major couple. In the words of Vice President for Finance and Administration, Atty. Fe Marie Tagle, a university in an ideal setting must depend solely on tuition and fees paid by students.

In return, the university must provide the best quality educational services for students sustaining it. Mutualism. Give and take. Just like any other romantic relationship. One should not be happier or lonelier or disadvantaged from the partner. Both have to be SATISFIED.

The university’s announcement of a tuition hike is an unwelcome (and probably heartbreaking) news on Valentine’s Day for parents and future enrollees of Silliman. With the increasing commodity prices primarily due to the tax reform law, another equally important need— education— will also become pricier. The double burden lies heavily on our parents who only want to give the best of this world for us.

But, the Administration emphasized the need to increase, saying that students’ tuition and other fees cannot cover for all the costs of the university. They added that they have already exhausted all “creative means” to subsidize for other costs.

If tuition hike is NECESSARY and BENEFICIAL for Silliman University to continue running, then so be it. Anyway, nobody can do anything once changes are imposed, other than not enrolling in this university.

But the claim for necessity must be substantiated.

We are one with the faculty union in asking for a clearer and comprehensive explanation of where the items in the tuition are accounted for. The Administration says that financial statements of the university are available online, but the problem is that not all students can understand whatever is there.

The Administration should not just rely on the SU Student Government to relay this information to the student body; they, themselves, should reach out to students to explain not just on this particular change but on any matters directly affecting the students.

Moreover, the SUSG, as representation of the student body, must relay to the students whatever transpired between them and Administration in the context of this issue. Understandable infographics on tuition and other fees must be circulated online or around campus.

Remember, your real boss is the student body. You are expected to stand up, question and fight for them vis-a-vis the Administration. You are the bridge in this Administration-student relationship.

The couple is the university and the students. The sturdy loyalty must be shown by the Administration and open communication must be especially paved by the SUSG. Because in Silliman, that’s how we should show our kind of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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Official student news publication of Silliman University.

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