No ‘ghost student’ in SU SHS, says principal

Meilynne Sonjaco | News Writer

There are no “ghost students” in Silliman University Senior High School (SU SHS) assured SHS principal Kemmon S. Kilat.

“There has never been and there will never be Senior High School ‘ghost students’ here in Silliman,” said Kilat in an interview with the Weekly Sillimanian last Jan. 31.

This is in response to Department of Education’s (DepEd) warning to “penalize, sanction or shutdown” schools found to have “ghost” or non-existing students who are recipients of their Voucher Program.

DepEd’s SHS Voucher Program offers financial assistance to junior high school completers who wish to pursue senior high school in non-DepEd Schools such as private high schools, colleges and universities; local and state universities and colleges and Technical and Vocational schools starting 2016.

Students are partially subsidized for their tuition and other school fees.

According to the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC), ghost students refer to Voucher Program Beneficiaries (VPBs) who are:

  • listed in a particular school but are really enrolled in another school
  • listed as “enrolled” but are not attending class since the semester started
  • double-listed or have two account IDs
  • listed but whose enrollment as a Senior High School student has been terminated, and;
  • VPBs who have multiple absences that cannot be explained by the school officials

In line with this, Kilat said that SU SHS follows strict measures during enrolment to prevent “ghost student” listings.

“We [SU SHS Department] are having a face-to-face advising of students with documents. No documents, no enrollment. Also, we have staff focusing only on the Voucher Program,” he said.

Kilat shared that Silliman University as well as DepEd is very strict regarding this matter to avoid corruption.

“Because most, if not all, SHS students are voucher recipients, fund from government, to support SHS education.”

A SU SHS student from a public junior high school receives P17,000 per year. Meanwhile, P10,000 is subsidized to senior high students from private schools.

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