SU produces 74 new teachers

Chrisse Martha Gillesania | News Writer

Silliman University (SU) produced a total of 74 new teachers in the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for both Elementary and Secondary Level.

SU’s Elementary Level passing rate is 71.74 percent, or 33 out of 46 takers from. Thirty-one of whom are first-timers while two are re-takers.

On the other hand, 71 out of 90 or 78.80 percent passed in the Secondary Level. Sixty-six are first-timers while five are re-takers.

Both results are higher than the national passing rates of 26.33 percent and 46.37 percent for Elementary and Secondary Level, respectively.

Following is the list of the LET passers. (This list is from the SU College of Education. The list is ONLY inclusive of March 2017 graduates who took the LET for the first time. This does not include the names of re-takers, non-March 2017 graduates and non-SU Education majors.)

Elementary level:
1.     Ablay, Geraldine C.
2.     Bacara, Alma Fe V.
3.     Badon, Samantha Jessa T.
4.     Balbuena, RJ Faith V.
5.     Bao, Janica Alaiza A.
6.     Bondoc, Maria Thea J.
7.     Casia, Alexaxndra L.
8.     Dimasuhid, DC Mae M.
9.     Duran, Roselle jane G.
10.    Entia, Sharlen
11.    Garibay, Rosette Angelic R.
12.    Gordoncillo, Ellah Jhane T.
13.    Grajo, Caryl M.
14.    Jamal, Arifa T.
15.    Laque, Mariah Shecaihna
16.    Lucin, Claire Ann Marie A.
17.    Necesito, Nicole Anne C.
18.    Opada, Aisha Al-ham M.
19.    Pahamtang, Leonemair Grace D.
20.    Pana, Mmich Izen I.
21.    Ramirez, Reggiena Marie T.
22.    Regala, Jan Edward G.
23.    Reyes, Jen Corrine C.
24.    Rojo, Joey Mark C.
25.    Tia, Harel Jo I.
26.    Villaverde, Jyriel Dawn G.
27.    Yabres, Maria Fe L.
28.    Yamaro, Princess Izza N.
29.    Ygona, Anita Generosa S.
30.    Yleana, Geli P.
31.    Yurong, Ana Grisselle R.

Secondary Level:
1.     Abines, Shiela Mae Q.
2.     Agraviador, Donabella D.
3.     Aguilar, Guia A.
4.     Aranas, Ricah Mae E.
5.     Balderas, May R.
6.     Callora, Sherylie D.
7.     Colina, Nathalie R.
8.     Cortez, Kurt Bryan C.
9.     Cortez, Richard Gamaliel C.
10.    De Ausen, Grace O.
11.    Dizon, Mevizon B.
12.    Duran, Sweet Marisse E.
13.    Enumerabellon, Noel A.
14.    Estrada, Floreen Grace P.
15.    Florencio, Florence Rose C.
16.    Gatchalian, G.M. Kidd S.
17.    Guillen, Dallie Z.
18.    Konahap, Cliche Mitch P.
19.    Mamenta, Maiza Z.
20.    Medez, Shemdaryl S.
21.    Mohillo, Marivic G.
22.    Palarpalar, Christian Ailah P.
23.    Palomares, Xuxa Meg D.
24.    Palumar, Dominique A.
25.    Partosa, Chelsi Ruth E.
26.    Quila, Janice U.
27.    Ricafrente, Karylle P.
28.    Rosario, Alana Jon B.
29.    Sese, Keith Andrew A.
30.    Sisona, Ellaine Mae C.
31.    Tanate, Abbie A.
32.    Vicoy, Quennie Jane A.
33.    Zamora, Jose Paolo A.

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