“President Rodrigo Duterte signed Executive Order No. 28 or the regulation of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices on New Year’s Eve 2018. How did this new regulation affect your New Year celebration?”

Compiled by Miles Therese Granada | Circulation Manager

The new fireworks regulation did not really affect my New Year’s celebration. For years, fireworks were never really a part of our family’s tradition. The streets were a lot quieter now and not many explosions were heard so that’s a good thing, I guess. Our dog benefitted most because there were no longer loud explosions to scare him.
Ishsha Banika C. Rambuyon, BS Psychology-II

The new fireworks regulation made the New Year less noisy and the streets much safer.
Denver Lloyd Cisneros Sindiong, BBA Management-IV

The new fireworks regulation suppressed the age-old problem of pollution not only in the atmosphere, but also with regard to waste and garbage in the streets. It also significantly reduced firecracker injury victims which I am really happy about. It assured me of security and the hope that less and less people would be victimized by fireworks and firecrackers.
Lj Zaphan, AB Philosophy-IV

Fireworks and firecrackers play a huge part in our Filipino culture and celebration, like eating with our family and jumping on New Year‘s Eve to increase height. But even if I’ve felt like there’s something lacking, I just thought of the positive effects of not having fireworks and firecrackers during the celebration, for example, lesser injuries compared to last year.
Iris Gayle D. Sierras, BS Psychology-III

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