“With the decline of enrolment in the university, are you in favor of merging colleges in the Intramurals 2017?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift Libby | Associate Editor

Yes, I am in favor of merging colleges in the Intramurals 2017 because I saw how colleges struggled in obtaining players to play with the different sports due to the decreased enrolment this school year. Merging colleges don’t only build friendship among students but also instill camaraderie among individuals (from)different courses and departments. After all, we are one Silliman.
Edgar Gil C. Favor – School of Public Affairs and Governance, Major in Public Administration IV

There are colleges with less than 150 students, in it, like CCS for example. Of course, not all students are interested to join the Intramurals but some may want to join a certain sport but lack players in the college, and so this causes the certain sports to be dissolved. Merging with other colleges, however, brings greater chances of having enough players to actually represent two colleges in the Intramurals.
Justin Carlos Malana, BS-IT Fourth Year

Yes, I am definitely in favor of merging of colleges in the Intramurals 2017. It may sound confusing at first, but it’s a big help to the smaller colleges who really need manpower in their chosen sports. Hopefully, this will also bring camaraderie to all the colleges.
Aimee V. Kho – Bachelor of Science in Nursing, III

The merging of colleges is a good idea so that the smaller colleges can enjoy more sports that they have not previously joined due to the lack of student athletes in their colleges.
Glynese Micole Ikeda – Bachelor of Science in Engineering, major in Computer Engineering – IV

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